White Label

In a few years from now, most of devices will be available for smart control.

If you are a small manufacturer, and need to enhance your product with smart functionality we are ready to help.

Building a smart control module requires research.

We offer this possibility to anyone without the hassle of building your own system or own R&D.

We can develop one dedicated app and a server system to connect anyone who builds in our wireless sensors and devices.


We provide customized services for the development of individual hardware solutions.

We offer the option of integration of our smart IoT modules in existing technology.

We can work with your research team, and consider your requirements to enhance your current products, or help you in building them to work with our technology.

Data Analysis

Custom services

  • We combine decades of research experience in analysis of human behavior, and bio-signals. We conduct research studies, and design experimental protocols to ensure proper data collection.

  • We develop sensors and analysis tools for monitoring human behavior and environments.

  • We provide computational data analysis and data modeling services (descriptive, predictive, and normative simulations).

  • We improve existing technological solutions on both performance and UX side.

  • We find patent solutions, and support the initial patent writing process for applications in English.

  • Appliance Management (power consumption monitor, save energy, activity tracker, etc.)

  • Security (user recognition, manage access and clearance, anomaly events detection, etc.)

  • Marketing Insight (how many people pass by your store, where people spend more time, which shop windows are more appealing, etc.)